TePe inter-dental toothbrushes (1.3mm Gray)

TePe inter-dental toothbrushes  (1.3mm Gray)
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TePe inter-dental toothbrushes 1.3mm Gray (8/pieces)

The most prevalent oral diseases originate between the teeth. Diseases such as caries and gingivitis can be prevented by a thorough, daily inter-dental brushing. TePe's original inter-dental toothbrushes are available in nine different sizes/colours and are suitable for small and large approximal spaces. The colour coding helps the patient to recognize and keep to the correct size.

Use the inter-dental toothbrushes once a day, and replace the brush when it is worn out. These brushes have a user-friendly handle for a stable grip, and the cap protects the brush and can be used to lengthen the handle.

Most patients need several sizes of inter-dental toothbrush for optimal cleaning in different areas.

Use a straight inter-dental brush for the front teeth. Place the brush carefully between the teeth. Do not force an inter-dental brush into the inter-dental space. If the brush does to fit between the teeth, then use a smaller size.

Make several long back and forth movements from front to back with the inter-dental brush.

Between the molars, where the cheek can sometimes make access more difficult, you can increase accessibility by slightly bending the soft neck of the brush with your finger.

Once the inter-dental brush has been bent, do not bend it back. This way the brush will last longer.

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