Aporis NV  - Wetenschapspark Diepenbeek

APORIS was set up in October 2007 and has its headquarters in the Jaarbeurslaan 21 of Genk.

The name Aporis stands for Applied Oral Innovative Services.
This name reflects the goal of this company.

It is operational in the health sector and more specifically in the field of dental surgery, implantology and mouth, jaw and facial surgery.

The goal of the company can be broken down into four main categories:

1/ Import / Production and Sales of new technology and innovative products

2/ Research and development. Updating, developing and designing new techniques and equipment.

3/ Consultancy relating to treatment schedules for jaw osteotomy and treatment schedules for implants.

4/ Education and training in innovative services and equipment for which we have contacts with the universities of Hasselt, Leuven and Ghent.

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SVP Dienstencentrum

Jaarbeurslaan 21 bus 32
B - 3600 GENK 

Tel.: 089 51 50 50